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Wojtek Siudmak

Wojtek Siudmak, Polish-born artist based in France since 1966, is considered one of the leading exponents of fantastic realism (such as M.C. Escher, M. Klinger, L. Fini and others).
He proclaims itself hyperreal fantasy, highlighting conscientiously, its originality.

The fantastic realism, combining a surreal vision in naturalistic art, is rooted in surrealism represented by S. Dali, R. Magritte, P. Delvaux. Siudmak neighbor with Dali by his virtuosity at making three-dimensional illusion of space, by his sense of light and shadow, as its linear and aerial perspectives. Siudmak adds to these traditional means of artistic expression means purely realistic and very personal, where technical perfection is in the service of an imagination and original.

Symbolic painter, Siudmak is also, in its way, a philosopher who posed on humans and the world a view of freedom. He has won a wide audience of art lovers and will respond favorably to the youth who discovers in the painting its aspiration to escape. His work, published worldwide, is used as posters for the film, theater and museums. Thus we find them as supports for prestigious events: Cannes Film Festival, International Festival of Fantastic Film and Science Fiction, Festival du Marais, the World Film Festival in Montreal...

Large industrial companies have chosen the paintings of the artist to express through art their research and technological achievements. His paintings also appear during many years on the covers of one of the largest collections of Science Fiction book publisher, SF collection "Pocket", and on music album covers and various advertising media. He works with various art galleries and publishers worldwide. A series of major retrospective exhibitions began in 1988 showing, in different cities in Europe and other countries, the wide range of research of the artist since 1970.

Wojtek Siudmak is part of the Friends de and thus supports our mission to preserve iconic Sci-Fi items.