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  • Can I buy an item from your Archives ?

    The items we present on this website and at exhibitions are not for sale.

  • Can I visit your Archives ?

    Our Archives are visible only through exhibitions that we organize, and on this website.

  • I can not see the pictures in my browser ?

    For all technical questions, contact the website manager, Mr. Benjamin Fleurier :

  • Do you lend or rent your Archives’ objects to individuals ?

    The objects of our Archives is only rented to professionals, and in order to be showned to the public.

  • Where do all your Archives come from ?

    Our Archives are the result of 30 years of research, from the’s team, over the globe. They are from various sources, such as production companies, film studios, technicians who made them, prop suppliers, other collectors or specialized auctions.

  • How can I find an item that I’m looking for ?

    You can browse our online Archives in different ways. In the Archives drop-down menu, located at the top right of the site, you can access to objects files, by either the film title, either by the license or by the type of object (Production made, promotional item, screenused ...) or by categories (props, costumes ...) or by sub-categories (costume designs, poster concept...). Finally you can look for something with the search engine, available at the top right of the website. Simply type in a key word, such as a film title or object name.

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