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Hachette Heroes published a book based on collection.

"Star Wars : Objets du Mythe" written by Arnaud Grunberg and Patrice Girod, respectively President and Exhibition Director of , is a Star Wars book mainly devoted to the original trilogy! This coffee table book of 416 pages, tells the story of the saga through the incredible collection, that Arnaud Grunberg has collected passionately over the last 40 years.

This book is like an exhibition, you can see original models and costumes, artworks, storyborads, vintage advertisments, action figures, prototypes, superbly photographed by Benjamin Taguemount, and presented for the first time in this beautiful book.

416 pages, 450 art photographs will plunge you to the origins of the creation of a galaxy far, far away.... by revealing all those magnificient artifacts and works of art, licensed products from the original trilogy.

Preface is written by Robert Watts, producer of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies and Honorary President of

For foreign people, this book is available here : and


Les Éditions Bragelonne publie un livre basé sur les collections de

Bragelonne published a book based on

"Générations Science-Fiction: de Flash Gordon à Matrix" is a unique book ! Written by Arnaud Grunberg and Patrice Girod,respectively President and Exhibition Director of . It's an unprecedented tribute to science-fiction movies... You will discover what the work "passon" means : an unconditionl love for those artists, creators, who gives a visions to the writers and directors.In your hands, you will hold the testimony of those who create these universe that make us dream since the origins of the SciFi genre. In several decades of hard work, Arnaud Grunberg has gathered a great number of objects, artifacts, models, costumes, artworks...

With Patrice Girod, one of France Star Wars leading expert, he opens the doors of this treasure cave. Wonders that reveals unsuspected secrets : How does luke Skywalker lose his hand in The Empire Strikes Back? What detail reveals Marty McFly costume in Back to the Future ? Have you already seen Starship Troopers and Alien spaceships? How movie poster are created, such as Star Trek or Indiana Jones? Not to mentioned licensed merchandise, products or rare documents that enrich the tribute to all this unforgettable movies.

Several hundred photos of incredible objects from the collection of made by the talented Benjamin Taguemount, will allow you to judge the incredible care of detail and elegance of this exceptional collection. This book is a piece of our memory, one that has been marked forever by all those stories that have made us a Science Fiction Generations.

Cover atr is by artist Paul Shipper and the Preface is written by Robert Watts, Star Wars and Indiana Jones producer.

Ce livre est disponible en librairie, FNAC, Cultura et sur les sites internets : et

Exhibition Catalogue : Exhibitions Catalogue

With the opening of three exhibitions in October 2012, publisher Les Éditions de l’Écliptique releases a 68 page souvenir catalogue of three 2012 exhibitions, with more than 150 exclusive pictures. : 2012 Exhibitions Catalogue features the Star Wars Toys exhibition(toys, license products, masks…) at the Arts Décoratifs Museum in Paris, the Science and Fiction exhibition (original costumes,models, masks from SciFi movies) at Maison Folie Wazemmes in Lille3000 FANTASTIC, and the And Man… Created Robot exhibition (movie robots) at Arts et Métiers Museum. The catalogue also looks back on Science (and) Fiction : Imagination Meets Reality exhibition at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie Museum in Paris in 2010.

It also features an exclusive interview with realistic fantasy artist, Siudmak.

The catalogue is prefaced by Robert Watts, longtime collaborator of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and producer of Star Wars : Episode VI Return of the Jedi and the Indiana Jones trilogy.

The catalogue cost 20 € and is available at Les Éditions de l'Ecliptique 128 rue La Boétie - 75008 Paris - France

Book available only in French