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Patrice Garcia

Patrice Garcia started his career as a sculptor and designer in special effects make up workshop.

Almost immediately, he gets closer to the fascinating world of comics and will publish a decade of fantastic series of his like “Allande”, “Les fils de la nuit”, and “Le chant des étoiles”.

Then, he collaborates to a vast array of animation series for children like The Magician, Malo Korigan , Cousteau and more and contributes to develop numerous big projects for cinema and television.

Occasionally he creates the story boards and the designs of commercials for famous brands like Chanel, L’Oréal, and “L’Aérospacial” as well as some video clips; the ones for French pop singer Mylène Farmer got a great success too.

He starts his concept designer career with The Fifth Element and follows this path with some projects like Immortel ad Vitam, Underworld 3, BelphegorArthur and the Invisibles as the art director and more recently Valerian and the city of a thousand planets.

From time to time concept designer for video games (The fifth race, Rizom…), Patrice Garcia develops in parallel his own creations for cinema, television or publishing…