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Arena Warrior's Electronic Original suit

The creation of this universe is of course required the work of a large team of designers who include Syd Mead and Jean 'Moebius' Giraud, particularly the latter having worked with film costumes. But time and money being available in limited quantities, there are often far from concept to final work. And so it is common in movies (the art of illusion) that the latest technology is alongside the recovery and the re-used of everyday objects.

This arena warrior costume is composed of a combination of printed fabric and elements of protective plastic. These items are mainly skateboarder protection. It is ultimately the logic of the film since the virtual world is the mirror of our own. The warriors fight with blows of digital frisbees and Scoop (sort of plastic's Basque pelota popular in the late 70s).

The costume's color surprised you when in the film is so colorful? Read information on Tron celluloïd and learn how its creators have given their costumes and sets such a special look.

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