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Original Dabo Girl Glidia Dress (Heather Ratney)

This Dabo girl dress is made of a gold and black gown with one ruffle floral colored sleeve and cente panel. Glidia was a dabo girl at Quark's in the year 2372. She was among the employees of Quark's who went into strike against pay cut. Together with Leeta, Rom, Etheria, Broik, Frool, and Grimp she tried to pay the customers not to visit Quark's. (DS9: "Bar Association") When Quark was questioned during Worf's trial on Deep Space 9 by Ch'Pok, a Klingon prosecutor, about what the Ferengi overheard about the attack Worf conducted on a Klingon ship, Quark said that it was when Dr. Julian Bashir was talking to Glidia. However, Quark then believed it was another dabo girl. (DS9: "Rules of Engagement")

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Inventory number : 54