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Original Warrior Chimpanze Costume

This style costume was worn on screen by the chimp guards and can be seen throughout the film as part of their uniforms. The upper body armor consists of a rubber chest and back plate, a black woven undershirt and long leather outer sleeves. The back armor has been sliced in two places for filming purposes. The pants are black and form fitting. There are buttons around the outer waistband for securing to the other parts of the costume. This intricate, multi-layered costume consists of a full-length undergarment, leather coat of mail, breast- and backplate, fiberglass helmet, shin guards, boots, and screen-used ape gloves, all fitted to a custom chimp mannequin display. The life-like silicone mask is an authentic Rick Baker piece which was made for the film, with individu- ally hand-set facial hair.
Object datas
Inventory number : 128