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Original NS-5 Robot

When Alex Proyas (director of the movie) first came to Patrick Tatopoulos (designer of the NS-5), he said: "We need to design the robot first. If we don't have a robot, we don't have a movie". So he started playing with Robot concept. And one of the first thing he did was look at what had been done with robots in movie before.

He was most impressed with the one in Metropolis, wich is elegant and, in some ways, very human. But he wanted to get away from what we had seen more recently in movies, such as the endoskeleton in Terminator.
He didn't want to go with anything that menacing because this robot, in the context of the movie, is supposed to be an object that people want to have around.
Patrick Tatopoulos found the ultimate inspiration for the Sonny/NS-5 on day at his office, while observing his iMac computer.

Although most of the robots in the film were computer generated, some actual life NS-5 robots like this one were required for filming scenes such as the robot battle near the end and the interior of Dr. Lanning’s (James Cromwell) workshop. This particular one has been distressed with damage to his face.
The NS-5 is constructed from various different materials, but features a full metal armature at its core. The arms and legs can move but are not posable. Working red LED lights have been installed in the torso. When they are switch on it can prove that the Robot is now controlled by evil computer VIKI . It measures approximately 189cm (74.5") in height.


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Inventory number : 85