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Original Paul Atreides (Kyle MacLachlan) Uniform Costume

That military suit is worn by Paul Atreides in the first part of the movie, until he comes to Arrakis. It is composed of a dark green velvet jacket, black pants, a red and golden belt, with a golden metal buckle, and a red fourragère.
The decorations on the left of Paul’s chest (three triangles not centered on the three rectangles underneath) and on the epaulettes (two stars crowned by a bird) allow the audience to know precisely when the costume is used in the movie.
Paul wears it during his trip, with his father and his mother, from the planet Caladan to the planet Arrakis. He wore previously a costume with centered chest’s decorations and epaulettes decorated with a rectangle topped by one star, crowned by a bird. The jacket has a label reading "PAUL", the pants have a label reading "K. MACLACHLAN", and the belt has a piece of tape labeled "26".

It’s interesting to point out that Bob Ringwood made the costumes of Dune. He was involved in many science-fiction movies, like Batman, Alien 3 or A.I. Artificial Intelligence, contributing to their visual universe.
Indeed, the Fremen’s stillsuits from the planet Arrakis and the Bat-suit worn by Michael Keaton as the famous super hero strikingly look alike.
Bob Ringwood has been nominated for two Oscars and won a Saturn Award for the Dune’s costumes.

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