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Star Car

The Star Car is part of actual size objects collection.

Designed by Ron Cobb, the Star Car is actually in the movie Starfighter, a spaceship capable of taking off from Earth to reach the planet Rylos. On board the alien, Centauri, brings back with him the young Alex recruited after using a video game that was installed on Earth. Video game champion, will Alex be as much talented to pilot a real battleship? Will he stop the terrible Kordan armada invasion and save the galaxy?

The Nick Castle movie, which dates from 1984, was at the forefront of digital special effects but it was still necessary to build a real car. Having realized twenty-five vehicles for the film Blade Runner, Gene Winfield and his team who took this job. The body of the car is entirely metal hand shaped and positioned on a Volkswagen Beetle chassis. Therefore its weight does not allow it to exceed thirty miles per hour. The Star Car also appears in Back to the Future II, for scenes set in 2015 Hill Valley.

Size : 465x184x142 cm

Writer: PG

Object datas
Inventory number : 182