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Original Giedi Prime Matte Painting by Syd Dutton for Dune

Original screen-used Matte Painting on board in Frame (70"x52").

A stunning depiction of the industrial planet Giedi Prime from David Lynch's adaptation of Dune is a perfect example of Syd Dutton's masterful attention to perspective and attention to detail.

Bleak, grimy, and seemingly endless, no doubt Dutton's illustration captures the feel of Frank Herbert's harsh alien world with a photo-realistic style. Beginning as a painting assistant at Universal in the 1970s, Syd Dutton soon became a student of the esteemed Albert Whitlock, one of the best matte painters Hollywood has ever seen. Along with fellow Whitlock protégé Bill Taylor, Dutton went on to found the Illusion Arts studio, specializing in impressive matte paintings like this one.

The Giedi Prime establishing shot was done by camera & model rigger Lynn Ledgerwood and produced under the auspices of veteran matte artist Albert Whitlock. The Syd Dutton painting would later be enhanced in post production with an array of live-action and miniature elements.

Considered by many to be his best work ever painted.

Dimensions : 70"x52" - 178 X 132 cm 

Object datas
Inventory number : 1154