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Original judge's Lawgiver Mark II weapon from Judge Dredd

An original Lawgiver Mark II pistol used in the production of the sci-fi action movie Judge Dredd.

Framed for the murder of a journalist, Judge John Dredd (Sylvester Stallone) is convicted to life in prison while his brother Rico (Armand Assante), presumed dead, takes control of the streets of Mega City One. Can Dredd reclaim his freedom, prove his innocence and save the city from the evil ex-Judge? The Lawgiver pistol was the sidearm of choice for Dredd and the judges of Mega City One.

A remarkable weapon capable of a variety of firing modes, each pistol obeyed voice commands and was only usable if your palm print was on file with the Hall of Justice, meaning that only a judge could hold and fire one. If you pick up a Lawgiver and are not a judge, expect a nasty surprise to follow!

This style of the iconic pistol was used for stunt sequences or for scenes when a hero, live-firing Lawgiver was inappropriate for use. The weapon is made of resin with a turned aluminum barrel and a machined static aluminum trigger. Incredible detailing is present across the piece, with a vented sight post, ribbed housing and the Hall of Justice crest on the side. In place of working lights, colored acrylic inserts have been added. The piece is finished in black with red paint used for the "lights" along the sides.

A fantastic piece from one of the 90’s biggest action films.

Item size - 11.42 "x 1.97" x 6.69 "(29cm x 5cm x 17cm)

Object datas
Inventory number : 1217