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T-1000 practical FX arm hook (Robert Patrick)

This unforgettable metal hook arm is one of two practical hero props deployed by actor Robert Patrick as the sinister, shape shifting and seemingly indestructible "T-1000" in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Constructed of heavy chrome-plated, 24 x 6 in. crowbar-shaped prop with a 6 in. hook at the end, emanating from a black cloth sleeve for actor or operator's arm.

In the Sci-Fi blockbuster, the "T-1000" morphs his arms into deadly pry bars when chasing "Sarah Connor" (Linda Hamilton), "The Terminator" (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and "John Connor" (Edward Furlong). The T-1000 first manifests the pry bar when forcing open elevator doors and then when he tries to hitch a ride during the famous car chase. While stunt and lightweight versions of this prop were used in production, this heavyweight metal hero version would have been used for close ups and beauty shots. In production-used very good condition. 

Object datas
Inventory number : 1611