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Vice Admiral Matthew Dougherty (Anthony Zerbe) Original Starfleet Uniform Tunic

Original black & gray Starfleet uniform tunic with belt worn by Anthony Zerbe as “Vice-Admiral Dougherty” in Star Trek Insurrection. Internal costume label handwritten “Adm Dougherty Anthony Zerbie”. There is also a Voyager label handwritten “Adolphus Hankins”, indicating it was used in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager as well. In the Star Trek saga this uniform is a Flag Officer Uniform. First appearing in 2374, Starfleet issued a uniform for flag officers such as admirals reflecting the new duty uniform. Again retaining the same basic form as the previous style, the next generation of flag officer service uniform incorporated the adjusted color scheme and quilted yoke. The cuffs were wider than present on the standard uniform, displaying admiral's rank insignia. A belt was also introduced to the uniform, with either a plain gold rectangular buckle or in the case of this costume an oval buckle displaying the Starfleet Command logo.

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Inventory number : 236