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Jean Frisano, born in 1927, started in comics in 1948. He worked mainly for Parisian publishers and then for Lug editions in Lyon. His early work focused on American genre narratives, mainly westerns and adventure stories. In 1969, as the system gradually began to go into crisis, it switched to the world of Marvel characters. It is through his work as an illustrator for the covers of Strange, the superhero journal, that he is today recognized as a major player in the discovery of the superhero in France and popular culture. The remarkable use of color and the quest for realism form the basis of the identity of this artist who has spent most of his career working on aesthetic reappropriation. Thanks to his immense and spectacular gouaches which adorn the covers of magazines, he presents to the profane eyes of the French, characters today cult such as Spider-Man, Iron Man or Daredevil. His graphic style has always found the right balance between the personal and aesthetic sensitivity of the artists he is supposed to imitate. By being among the first to illustrate iconic licenses as diverse as Conan, Planet of the Apes or Star Wars, he helped to discover some of the most famous fictional worlds of our time. Tormented by the ordeals of life, anxious to defend progressive ideas, filled with a vision full of humility on his job, the discreet and endearing Jean Frisano will, in 2020, be at the heart of a large exhibition in Angoulême, which will finally do justice to his immense talent. is proud to presents for the first time, in this exhibition, 12 original works by Jean Frisano produced for the magazines Nova, Strange, Titans and La Planète des Singes, edited by LUG.
Curator: Philippe Fadde
Scenographer: Harold Peiffer
Production: 9eArt + / FIBD
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  • du 30/01/2020 au 02/02/2020