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Original Commander Croft (Roy Thinnes) Colonial Fleet Heavy Polar Costume

This costume appears on the two parts Battlestar Galactica episode "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero". In this show, we see the mighty warship Galactica and its surviving rag-tag fleet of humanity, carefully herded by their Cylon pursuers, having to destroy a moving gun platform of immense power, but this idea was soon expanded and the gun of the title-becoming a pulsar cannon emitting an energy lens system-would be relocated to an ice planet, Arcta, atop a huge mountain, where our Colonial Warriors would have to join forces with a band of knowledgeable criminals and a group of planetary clones in order to destroy it and its protecting Cylon garrison, literally a sci-fi version of the popular World War II adventure novel The Gun of Navarone. Playing the gang of arctic experienced criminals plucked from the prison barge vessel located within the Colonial Fleet would be a motley group perfect for playing by an outstanding guest cast, including, Roy Thinnes (The Invaders) as their leader Croft. They leads Apollo (Richard Hatch), Starbuck (Dirk Benedict) and Boomer (Herb Jefferson, Jr.), to their perilous task on the ice planet. Once there, and only just surviving its hostile wilderness, the clone help comes in the form of Denny Miller and Britt Ekland. The costume was design by Jean-Pierre Dorléac, who won many awards for his work on the show (the most famous is the Emmy Award in the category "Outstanding Costume Design for a Series" in 1979).

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Inventory number : 34