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Diva Pavalaguna's Entourage Original Costume

A headdress and chest piece worn by one of the Diva Pavalaguna’s entourage in the Bruce Willis sci-fi movie The Fifth Element. These elaborate pieces were used in the second half of the movie once Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) has ‘won’ the tickets to Phlosten Paradise and the main feature is a performance by the Blue operatic singer. Although not seen clearly on their arrival (a final member doesn't make it entirely round the corner which was most likely this one), it can be spotted running down a set of stairs later when the ugly Mangalores start taking over the ship. The headdress is custom made made from a heavy black mesh glued into a face shape, and features gold embroidery around the eyes, nose and edges. As well as this, it includes some stunning work across the top which also incorporates a number of gold painted plastic spikes. From the front hangs a very dense black net, and from the back is a fine gold version adding to the ethereal mood of the piece. Also included is a similarly made chest piece with gold embroidery and jewels which would have sat comfortably on the actor's front.

Object datas
Inventory number : 619