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Fhloston Shuttle Original Model from The Fifth Element

In the Luc Besson's movie the Fhloston Shuttle take off from a mid 23rd Century New York spaceport. This impressive Flhoston shuttle filming miniature from the picture The Fifth Element, measuring 61 in. Long x 21 in. Tall x 51 in. Wide at the wings. Constructed of resin with a realistic airbrushed paint scheme detailed to resemble a space-weathered hull. The tail section is packed with fiber optic lines for illumination of the thrusters and other elements. The model was designed by Sylvain Despretz et P.A. Chartier. The Fifth Element called for many combinations of digital and practical effects techniques, frequently combined with elements from live action shooting. Miniature sets, digitally extended and enhanced, were populated with a combination of digital and model vehicles, as well as both virtual and actual actors. In addition, while creating the galactic panorama of The Fifth Element was in itself an immense task, the special effects company Digital Domain was also called upon to supplement certain of the on-set creature effects, which were handled in London by creature effects artist Nick Dudman and his 55-man crew.The Digital Domain visual effects crew was under Visual Effects Supervisor, Mark Stetson (Notably, Stetson headed the model shop for 1982's Blade Runner, a film that has defined the look of the urban future for the last 15 years). "One of the most gratifying aspects of working with Luc on this picture is the fact that it's not another Blade Runner," says Stetson. "The look of this film is very different and fresh. Because of the involvement of Moebius and Mezieres, the design is rooted in the traditions of the French graphic novel, combined with a photo-realistic approach that is entirely new and different." Digital Domain's model shop, under Neils Neilson supervision, produced more than 30 major models for this picture.

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