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Space Precinct Hero Police Cruiser Original Filming Miniature

Space Precinct was a very low-budget production (less than a million pounds and most of the set pieces came from the movie Aliens) and everything was shot on 16mm. The Model Workshop was set up at Shepperton Studios under SPFX guy, Bill Pearson. Regarding the Police Cruiser SFX Director Steven Begg says "I felt that my original streamlined version didn’t look too police-car-like, so Bill Pearson and his guys modified it to look more angular. It was a cross between a police helicopter and the Space Shuttle and it would leave the planets atmosphere in a huge blast of engine plasma (realised by Magic Cameras then proto Digital Dept) - this never got passed on to the shows writers. I saw the Police Car as the star of the show and the only one that could escape and re-enter the planets atmosphere, thus giving them a lead on the planet-based villains they would deal with each week. We had Bill Pearson overseeing the miniature construction and design, with a gang of maybe 8-10 modelmakers. Two guys in Magic Cameras Motion Control Stage, and then 4 people doing the digital stuff."

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