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Draconian Marauder fighter Model Replica from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

The Hatchet Fighter also known as Pirate Fighter, Draconian Fighter, Marauder, was of the bad guy ship. he model consisted of the fuselage, a single engine casting, and two nacelles with thin fins added. A few months after the last episode was shot, Universal Studios theme park decided to do a Special Effects Stage attraction. As the visual effects company Universal Hartland had the Buck Rogers molds and so Universal Studio Tour decided to include some Buck Rogers models in its now Visual Effects Stage attraction. David Jones supervised and Ken Larson (the only original model maker) help make two Draconias Fighters and four Hatchet (Draconia or Pirate) Fighters for the two stages. One Draconia and two fighters were used on each stage. Dayton Osman was the other model maker to work on the project. The model we have at is in fact one of original model used in the Visual Effects Stage as part of Universal Studios Tour in California. It was made from the original molds of the TV show.

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Inventory number : 832