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Ambassador of Shadows Valerian Comics Cover Original B&W Drawing by Jean-Claude Mézières

Ambassador of the Shadows is volume six in the French comic book (bande dessinée in French) science-fiction series Valérian and Laureline created by writer Pierre Christin et artist Jean-Claude Mézières (friend of  

It is in Ambassador of the Shadows that one of the key locations in the Valerian series is visited for the first time: Point Central, a sort of United Nations of space, an enormous artificial planet, conglomerate of all diverse civilisations, place of conflicts, plots, schemes, deals and even peace agreements.

It is also in this adventure that the Shingouz appear, small little beasts with an atrophied moral direction who think only of espionage but whose services quickly become indispensable for Valérian and Laureline. It also includes the utility of a small, irascible animal but, thank God, attached to Laureline, the Grumpy Converter from Bluxte. It will be needed in good time, since, following the landing of the Terrans on Point Central, the Ambassador that accompanied both of the young Spatio-Temporal Agents is kidnapped by unknown abductors.

An investigation, which will also be a form of search, begins…

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