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Loading Bay's Crane aka The Grabber original Model from TV serie Red Dwarf VIII

This model was built by Steven Howarth who've worked on Space Precinct, Space Truckers, Star Trek and Men In Black. He works on Space Precinct with Bill Pearson and join him later on Red Dwarf series VIII. He pilled on the detail with the loading bay, and does contribute to the overall sense of size. The landing bay was blown up. They used rubber dust mixed in with a bit of petrol I think, which gives a nice convoluted fireball and has good scale. Steven Howarth left a layer of the black dust all over the set, but that can be carefully cleaned off. The production was going to have the overhead crane try to catch Starbugs' head at one point, as a gag. If you look at the crane you can see that the head would fit through. The set was use again for a dance sequence.
Object datas
Inventory number : 876