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Io Miner Original Blue Spacesuit from Outland

This is a Miner's blue space suit worn in the 1981 Sean Connery movie Outland . This Con-Am 27 Miner's work suit was created by costume designer John Mollo (Star Wars, Alien, Event Horizon...).

This complete space suit comprises a suit, an helmet, black leather gloves, boots and a backpack. There is a "League of Industrial Nations" patch on one arm and a "Con-Am 27" patch on the other. The helmet is made from vac formed plastic and the back pack from fibreglass.

Prior to his foray into the world of designing for films, Mollo was best known for his book Military Fashion, covering the history of European and American uniforms from 1640 to 1914. It is a comprehensive view of the subject and made its author a recognised authority on uniforms. In line with this, he is particulary proud of the workers’ helmets he designed for Outland. Considering them to be unique.

Says Mollo, “Without ventilation, you often find the actors are flaking away.”

“The helmet is made of white plastic and vacuum formed which means that the plastic is drawn down over a mold in a vacuum, like making a box of chocolates, and the result is very lightweight.”

Two lights are affixed to the outside of the helmet on either side of the head with small lights around the inside of the perspex visor. Fans have been put in the back for the convenience of those wearing the helmets.



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Inventory number : 100