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The Fifth Element Concept Art by Sylvain Despretz : astronauts landed on a planet

This is the first Sylvain Despretz's art for Luc Besson's The Fifth Element.
Luc Besson, who had finished his movie La Femme Nikita offered Despretz a gig on his next film, which would become The Fifth Element, while they were having breakfast in his hotel on Sunset.
Months later, Despretz was back in Paris on a job nearing its end, and he get a call from a woman working for Luc Besson and tell him he was selected and short-listed to work on his next film with a small group of artists and asks him to come-in to do a test.
The assignment was to draw some astronauts who've landed on a planet and have stumbled upon an archaeological monument.
Sylvain Despretz was hired on this concept art.

Sizes : 24,5 x 34,8 cm

Object datas
Inventory number : 996