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Mondoshawan Original Costume

In Luc Besson's Sci-Fi film, the "Mondoshawan" are a peaceful and ancient sapient race acting as guardians of the universe, protecting the "Fifth Element" from those who would destroy it.

The this incredible costume was design by artist Jacques Rey and manufactured by Nick Dudman departement. The animatronic Mondoshawan head was built by Chris Barton.

Original futuristic alien creature suit constructed of cast fiberglass armor pieces and expertly painted in dark metallic bronze, silvers and grays throughout. Armor is assembled on fabric and foam rubber latex substructure or undersuit, with armor pieces embellished with spikes throughout top edge of collar and shoulders and retaining embedded lights above neck and at right chest. Interior retains straps and clips to attach costume pieces, lower half interior retains electrical wiring for lights. Armor pieces retain internal handwritten, "Clifton".

The massive suit measures approx. 144 x 63 x 45 in.


Object datas
Inventory number : 1132