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Starfleet Admiral Uniform « Type D » Original Costume

 In the early 2350s, the Starfleet uniform was completely redesigned. Closer in appearance to those in service during the late 2260s, the new Starfleet uniform spawned several variants, most notability in 2366, and inspired versions yet to come.
The next major redesign came in the late 2360s and was use in conjunction with this design for a few years before both styles were completely phased out. With the alteration of the standard duty uniform in the 2366, a new wave of uniforms for flag officers and admirals came into service.
This costume is one of them. This alteration featured a long service jacket and trousers. Similar to the standard duty jacket, the flag officer's uniform was marked by a V-shaped black cutout, trimmed in gold.
The rank insignia were enclosed pips worn on either side of the uniform collar, as well as displayed on both sleeves with four widely spaced, thin gold braid stripes ending at the cuff. (TNG: "The Defector", "Man of the People")
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