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Gort robot official replica, made from molds and templates acquired from the original 1951's Gort statue. He is made of sturdy fiberglass.

“But Gort is just a robot, what can he do?” He could destroy the Earth. And make it stand still too. This eight foot automaton was sent to Earth to stop all interstellar aggression.

Gort is robot that appeared first in the 1951 When the Earth Stood Still from20th Century Fox and later in its 2008 reamke. His depiction varies between film adaptations, however, the original character was loosely based on the character Gnut, from "Rarewell to the Master", a 1940 Astounding SciFI fiction short story written by Harry Bates, used as the basis for Edmund H. North's screenplay. In that story, Gort is a moving green statue that is apparently attendant upon Klaatu, but in the terminus of the story is identified as the eponymous "master" over Klaatu.

In the 1951 version Gort is an eight-foot tall, seamless robot apparently constructed from a single piece of "flexible metal". He is but one member of a "race of robots" invented by an interplanetary confederation (described as "A sort of United Nations on a Planetary level" by Klaatu, who is a representative of that confederation) to protect their citizens against all aggression by destroying any aggressors. Klaatu describes "him" as one of an interstellar police force, holding irrevocable powers to "preserve the peace" by destroying any aggressor. The fear of provoking these robots acts as a deterrent against aggression.To that end, Gort accompanies Klaatu on his mission to deliver an ultimatum to the people of Earth: the interplanetary confederation is not concerned with internal human politics; however, if humanity threatens to use atomic weapons against the other planets, the Earth will be destroyed to ensure the safety of the other planets.

il a été interprété par l'acteur de 2m31, Lock Martin, vêtu d'un épais costume en caoutchouc mousse conçu et construit par Addison Hehr. Deux combinaisons ont été créées, fixées alternativement par l'avant ou l'arrière afin que le robot apparaisse sans couture sous n'importe quel angle dans les scènes terminées Une statue en fibre de verre était également utilisée pour les gros plans ou lorsqu'une scène l'obligeait à rester immobile. 

He was portrayed by seven-foot, seven-inch (231 cm)-tall actor Lock Martin wearing a thick foam-rubber suit designed and built by Addison Hehr. Two suits were created, fastened alternately from the front or back so that the robot would appear seamless from any angle in the completed scenes. A fiberglass statue of Gort was also used for the close-ups of the firing of his energy beam weapon or when a scene required him to stand still. 


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