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Original Thuggee guard costume

A temple Thuggee guard's full length cloak, of burgundy coloured wool, edged with black braid, labelled inside "Bermans & Nathans",, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. When he arrives to Pankot Palace because of one indian village distress, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) realises that the young Maharadjah is blinded by black magic, Indeed, Mola Ram priest (Amrish Puri) influences the young sovereign and fears population with his Thuggee's guards, This costume was made for one of the Mola Ram guards, It comes from famous english costumier Angels (previously Bermans & Nathans), You can see it all long the movie. 

This iconic costume belonged to one of the Thuggee cult members Indy, Willie and Short Round are begged to investigate by the locals whose Sankara stones and children have disappeared. The piece is made from thick burgundy wool with a chest panel in brighter red, and wraps around in a gown-like fashion with subtle black ties and poppers inside and out. The entire costume has been edged with wide black cotton tape that gives the costume shape and depth.

Inside is a Bermans and Nathans label (now part of the world famous Angels costumers), that reads ‘Temple Guard - Raiders II’, with ‘Raiders II’ being the working title for Temple of Doom. 

Object datas
Inventory number : 900