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Starfleet White Radiological Engineering Suit Original Costume

The engineering costume was design by Robert Fletcher. He was hired on Star Trek The Motion Picture to come up with a new design for Starfleet uniforms. For Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan he was asked to change Starfleet uniforms once again to give the movie a much more dynamic and romantic look. Fletcher was also responsible for the "look" given to the Klingons and Vulcans in the early movies.

One of Robert Fletcher’s most intriguing designs for the film, was the engineering suit worn by Enterprise engineering personnel. It said in no uncertain terms that you were messing with some very nasty stuff. In Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan the engineering personnel wear radiation suits, respectively, similar to those worn in Star Trek The Motion Picture with two different coloured collar version available: black indicates officer, red indicates cadet.

This suit made for Star Trek: The Motion Picture featuring a detachable back and red gorget (for cadet), ribbed sleeves and waist and a metal attachment on the left breast. The feet feature white elastic stirrups and the spine Velcro's and snaps shut. The left shoulder features a sewn on Starfleet insignia patch on a yellow backing indicating ‘engineering’ division.

These suits were fabricated in various sizes, right down to children’s, in order to work with the forced perspective engineering set. The costume of the Archives consists of a combination, a pair of boots, a pair of gloves and a large black collar.

Writer: PG

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