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Original Work Bee model

A cargo management unit, or CMU, was a small utility craft in use by the Federation from the mid-23rd century to the 24th century. CMUs were first used in the mid 23rd century, assigned to Starfleet shipyards in orbit of Earth. They assisted in the refitting of the original USS Enterprise in the movie <em>Star Trek: The Motion Picture</em>.
During the production it was named "Work Bee" and were designed by Andrew Probert. This visual effects model made from cast resin and plastic, light airbrushed and aging applied to finish (18x8½x8in.) was used in the drydock sequence in <em>Star Trek: The Motion Picture</em> directed by Robert Wise. The Work Bee model was additionally seen in footage recycled in <em>Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan</em> and during the Enterprise-B launch in <em>Star Trek Generations</em>. It was included in a montage of different scenes during the main titles of <em>Star Trek: Deep Space Nine</em>, beginning with that series' fourth season.
Object datas
Inventory number : 119