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Original Gorilla Costume

This is an amazing complete vintage male Gorilla costume from the first Planet of the Apes film, consisting of pants, tunic, vest, boots, gloves and bandolier with two ammo pouches. Medium-length leatherette tunic and long gloves over raw linen shirt and pants, with heavy leather toe-shaped boots and bandolier with two ammo pouches; internal Western Costume labels.

This type of costume was first seen on actor Bob Lombardo in promotional materials as Marcus, head of the security police in the film Planet of the Apes (20th Century Fox, 1968). This type of uniform was also worn the Hunt Leader from the same film, when time-displaced astronauts - including Charlton Heston's Taylor - crash-land on Earth in afar-flung future where apes have replaced man as the planet's dominant species.

This type of uniform was later used by members of the gorilla army in the television series, which follows a second group of astronauts as they navigate a simian-dominated Earth.

The costume's pants and tunic are made from brown cloth. The ribbed brown leather gloves match the ribbed brown vest, which has a Talon zipper closure along with functional, stylized buttons.

The bandolier is made of a lighter brown fabric and edged with leather borders. It features two broad sewn-in loops that secure leather carrying pouches, a metal hip plate and a black metal spring clip used to carry a gorilla weapon.



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Inventory number : 12