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Original Clara Clayton's (Mary Steenburge) Telescope from Back to the Future III

Antique brass telescope, circa mid-1880s, by Elliott Bros., London. This telescope was given as a gift by Mary Steenburgen “Clara Clayton” to Christopher Lloyd “Dr. Emmett Brown” and is visible in the scene when Clara brings it to Doc for repair. Measures 34 ½ in. long and features a focus knob on the right side and two mounting screws for tripod attachment below. A presentation engraving on one side reads, “Telford Premium Awarded to James Henry Apjohn, M.A. M. Inst. C.E. by the Institution of Civil Engineers 1884.” Exhibits a slight patina with scuffs and light scratches; otherwise, condition remains quite remarkable for its age.constructed of resin, hand-painted and detailed with Great Seal of the U.S., American flag and other decals and is outfitted with internal fiber optics that illuminated the starboard side of the aircraft’s passenger windows, wings and vertical stabilizer. The bottom of the fuselage has a threaded hole for the armature attachment and it measures 29 in. long with a 23 in. wingspan. A fantastic piece and key plot item from of the film.

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Inventory number : 644