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DeLorean Plutonium Fuel Cell Original Prop from Back to the Future

This is one of the Plutonium fuel cells of the DeLorean, the famous time travel machine. We can see this type of container from the opening scenes of Back to the Future taking place at the Twin Pines Mall, during the eloquent Doc Brown's statement.

The seven inch red cap with worn yellow and red label. On it, you can read “Caution Radioactive Material”. The clear canister that once held water that acted as the container to load the Plutonium into the reactor of the DeLorean. Plutonium, was a highly radioactive element, used as fuel supplementing the first version of the DeLorean. It was necessary for this type of compound needed to create nuclear energy, that is to say 2.21 gigowatts to create temporal displacement. Plutonium handling requires the use of a protective jumpsuit.

The idea of using nuclear energy has emerged from Back to the Future first draft, where Marty stuck in 1952 would have to drive a refrigerator into a nuclear test site and wait for the explosion.

Writer: PG

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Inventory number : 140