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Original R2-D2 Droid

R2-D2 is a robot character in the Star Wars movies. An astromech droid, R2-D2 is a major character in all the Star Wars saga. Along with his protocol droid companion C-3PO, in various adventures. R2 was remote control but also was played by actor Kenny Baker

R2-D2 is the result of the mix imagination of George Lucas, Ralph McQuarrie, Norman Reynolds and John Barry during the original Star Wars pre-production. The R2 droid part of's collection was built in 1979 for The Empire Strikes Back by Tony Dyson's "White Horse Toy Company". Eight copies were made (in addition to those of the first movie) to meet the different needs of filming the Star Wars sequel.

This R2-D2 was used for shots where the little droid didn't move. It is completely empty and actor Kenny Baker could slip inside.

This original R2-D2 is certainly one of the finest pieces of collection.

Inone of the photos you can see, Brian Johnson, the head of the UK special effects team in his office during the filming of The Empire Strikes Back. The R2 unit is on his right is our Archives' R2-D2.