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Protocol Droid C-3PO

A replica statue of the protocol droid C-3PO from Star Wars. Created by the legendary Don Post Studios, this statue was based on original ILM moulds and was created as a test plating unit to ensure the quality of the gold plating that would eventually be used for the production units. Less than one hundred of the statues were created by the company, with several of the statues used by Lucasfilm for promotional purposes.

The statue is made of fibreglass which has been dipped in copper and chrome-plated in preparation for the final gold plating that would have been applied. Gold plating has been applied to the arms, waist, one of the knees and various detailing components on the head, including the eyes, the pin on the head and the faux bolts on the neck, all of which have been affixed with epoxy resin. Additional components, designed to be mounted to the arms and body, remain unattached. The base of the left foot features engraved Don Post production markings along with Lucasfilm copyright details and is dated 1997.

One of the rarest and most accurate replicas of C-3PO to date.