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Deckard's Costume Design

The pre-production items from Blade Runner have a strange story. It's due to two facts: Ridley Scott was very involved in the artistic developpment and the financial tensions reached a very high level just before the beginning of the production. The costume Designer: Charles Knode has to be very implicated in the entire artistic process. But his work was rewarded (he was hired two more times by Ridley Scott for Legend and 1492: Conquest of Paradise).

This drawing seems to be the second part of the entire design. The character is in set (which is quite unique for the Charles Knode designs). And there are no details or material swatch. We can also, easily acknowledge Dustin Hoffman. He was the first choice for the part but due to other consignement he was replaced by Harrison Ford. 


Object datas
Inventory number : ASF-BRU004