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Riddick (Vin Diesel) original costume

For the escape from Crematoria and the run over the surface, Riddick, as well as Kyra, The Guv and the others are wearing woolen coats. In the movie, they appear to be grayish in color, but as you can see on this pictures again show that the coat is light dove blue. The cut scenes on the Director’s cut DVD offer a better view on those cloaks, as screenshotted aboved. The costume comprises of a long hooded jacket/cloak made of a woollen-like material with metal clips going down the front to do it up. 

The planet Crematoria is not a place one would want to live, let alone be imprisoned. However one of the most notorious, if not illegal prisons in the Helion System Universe is housed there. It is where our hero Richard Riddick (Vin Diesel), Kyra (Alexa Davalos), and a hand-full of prisoners escape from, and end up on the active lava-flow surface of the planet which heats up to over 700 degrees when the sun rises. For protection they wear prison guard issued (and stolen) extremely thick wool specially made cloaks, with hoods and heavy strap-belts that keep the garment on their body. This is one of the actual hero screen used cloaks from this sequence. It was worn by Riddick as he escapes both from the guards, and the deadly rays of the rising sun, and then finally discards because it's too "cumbersome". The Cloak has been aged for production.

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