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Meccan Infantry Soldier Rifle

A Meccan soldier's rifle made for and used in the production of David Twohy's 2004 action sequel The Chronicles of Riddick.

Riddick (Vin Diesel), hidden for five years after the events of the movie Pitch Black, is forced to come out of hiding to fight the villainous Necromongers, and fulfil a dark prophecy in the process.

This rifle and others like it were made for the production and carried by soldiers in New Mecca, a city on the planet Helion Prime. Rifles of this style can first be seen used by the Meccan soldiers near the beginning of the film when they go to Imam's house to find Riddick. They are visible throughout the film and instantly recognisable props.

This weapon is a stunt version made from hard rubber which has been realistically painted grey, black and bronze in colour. This highly detailed weapon has Meccan designs on the trigger and other parts and has been given an intentionally distressed, battle-worn appearance by production.



Object datas
Inventory number : 1170