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Lensor Necromonger Soldier Original Helmet

In this film, each planet is really different, each civilization is visually identifiable thanks to the sets and props. It was the vision that director David Twohy wanted and this is what he asked designer Kevin Ishioka, costume designer Ellen Mirojnick, head prop designer Don Anderson and set designer Holger Gross to do. Create a visual bible for each planet and each people, but also a history of art specific to each planet, and thus provide an identity of their own.
The film takes us into frozen desert landscapes; extraordinary megalopolises where travelers, traders, thieves meet; and an underground prison on a burnt planet. We meet bounty hunter mercenaries, mechanical and telepathic hybrids, elementals, huge dogs covered with scales...
Here we present the original helmet of a Lensor, that is to say a wounded Necromonger soldier, who becomes a kind of scanner on legs, ultra-sensitive, devoid of intelligence and conscience.
Through these atypical costumes and sets, presenting a unique mixture of fantasy and classic scifi, David Twohy presents us with a dense, nebulous and extremely generous universe.
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Inventory number : 364