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Star Trek : Generations Original B Camera Clapperboard

A production used clapperboard from the popular sci-fi adventure Star Trek: Generations (1994) starring Patrick Stewart and William Shatner. The film focuses on Captain Jean-Luc Picard with the help of the Captain James Kirk to stop the crazed Soran from entering a space matrix.

This iconic film industryclapperboard is constructed from semi translucent perspex with an affixed wooden clap stick and bears the movie title 'STAR TREK GENERATION' engraved in red, in addition to the name of David Carson as director and also that of noted famous director of photography John A. Alonso as camera. This B camera clapperboard still bears its roll, scene and take numbers which are hand inscribed in marker and the date from its last use in applied stickers, 6/24/1994, which is consistent with the very end of shooting indicating that this board was used until the very end of principal photography.

The clapperboard measures approximately 11" x 9.5" and remains in good condition with some light surface scratching and tell tale signs of a board which was heavily used throughout the production.


Measuring 28cm x 24cm (11” x 9.5”)

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