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Planet Angosia III City Landscape Original Matte Painting by Syd Dutton

Original Screen-Used Oil Matte Painting on Masonite in Frame (66" X 34") from the episode 3 of season 11, "The Hunted" of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Star Trek and sci-fi fans in general won't want to to miss this beautiful piece of futuristic vision, a remnant from a time gone by in the world of special effect artistry. Once known as one of the foremost matte painting companies form 1985 to their unfortunate closure in 2009, the Illusion Arts studio created hundreds of paintings to be used in a wide range of movies, television shows, and even music videos. Co-founder Syd Dutton, a personal protégé of matte painting master Albert Whitlock, was a favorite artist for the much beloved Star Trek television series, his work spanning through both the T.V. episodes into the movies. This beautiful illustration of Angosia III's capital city, yet another stunning piece from Dutton for the artist's incredible attention to detail and sense of perspective, can be seen as a pan shot within the opening minutes of the Star Trek: The Next Generation thought-provoking Episode 3x11, "The Hunted."

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Inventory number : 1173