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Original painting by William Stout for the Empire Strikes Back LP album cover

In 1980 was released a fantastic LP album: The Empire Strikes Back, Symphonic Suite from the Original Score, that featured a great art by William Stout. The LP album was produced George Korngold who was also the conductor. The original art is part of was of course used as a record cover for the LP released in 1980 but also for the CD release years later.

William Stout is a famously diverse artist of international renown in many fields: themed entertainment and motion picture design (specializing in science fiction/fantasy/horror films), comic book art, book illustration, poster design, CD covers, public murals, and accurate reconstructions of prehistoric life. He also was one of the first American contributors to Heavy Metal magazine. With Buck Rogers in the 25th Century in 1978, saw the beginning of Stout's film career. Stout has worked on over 30 feature films including both Conan films, Raiders of the Lost Ark, First Blood, The Hitcher and Invaders From Mars. He production designed Masters of the Universe in 1987. In 1995, William Stout became the key character designer for the Walt Disney full length computer animated feature Dinosaur (released in 2000). In 1996 he designed, for ILM, "Edgar" the big bug in Men In Black. Stout also did the designs for The Muppets Wizard of Oz, Guillermo del Toro's horror classic Pan's Labyrinth, Christopher Nolan's The Prestige and Frank Darabont's The Mist.

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