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The Empire strikes back storyboard (Shot HE20 Scene 232A)

A storyboard is an illustration view of a movie. This technical document help to foreseen the shooting during the pre-production.

These days, the animated storyboards are more and more used during the pre-production (they are called "Animatics"). But in 1980 during the making of The Empire strikes Back, some designers drew the storyboards. These ones have to use some skills to draw them very quickly and with the perfect details for the scene. Their techniques and tools are simple but very efficient (most of the time it’s a pen and ink drawing on paper or velin).

For Empire, three lots of the entire storyboards were drawn. But for Star Wars only one was made. These drawings can be copy to be used by the different teams during the movie or to be enhanced with some details.

The storyboard shown here is about the shot of the scene when Luke and R2-D2 are flying away from the Hoth system to find the home of Yoda: Dagobah. R2 is a little bit surprised because his master doesn’t want to join the Rendez-Vous point. It seems that our favourite droid is not very sensitive to the force.

Writer: BF

Object datas
Inventory number : ASF-SWA005